Bob Helm

Project Brief

Bob and Gerry visited the showroom upon discovering we were the local Nolte retailer in the area. After looking at our displays they instantly fell in love with more than one and were overwhelmed by the standard of what we offer. With that in mind, Stuart was quick off the mark to get a design together and show them what else we can offer.

Bob Helm Case Study 9
Bob Helm Case Study 8

What Cleary Interiors did?

The design blew our customers away and couldn’t believe they were looking at what could be theirs. After deciding on the VZug appliances and Granite worktops, Jay; our installer was straight over to start building the canopies and prepping the room in preparation of the kitchen.

The Outcome

Our customers are over the moon with the result of their refurbishment and it’s the perfect touch to their house move. The kitchen is now a social room in the house and they find themselves spending more time that they could have ever imagined in there.

  • Appliances: V-Zug
  • Work Surfaces: Granite
  • Kitchen Furniture: Nolte