As part of a house project, Mr and Mrs Brooks were after a full main bathroom renovation. They came to us for the design and supply service. With specific requirements for a free standing bath, deco tiles and walk in shower; all while keeping luxury and relaxation at the heart, we designed something they couldn’t say no to. As you can see, the bath is a key feature in the bathroom and it really did catch some eyes. Using quality products from Crosswater, Bauhaus, Clearwater Baths and CTD company, this bathroom ticked all the customers boxes and they just couldn’t wait to take a soak in their teardrop bath. What do you think?




  • Customer: Mr & Mrs Brooks
  • Service: Bathroom Design & Installation
  • Success: 5/5
  • Designer: Crosswater/Bauhaus/Clearwater Baths & CTD
  • Installation Time: 1 Week